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About the Wells

Help us raise


to build

3 wells

in the Sahel region of Africa



Fort Myers Chi Alpha is raising money to build clean water wells in the Sahel region of Africa through Convoy of Hope. The Sahel region includes countries located in the Saharan desert, such as Burkina Faso, Mali, and Niger (see graphic below). Communities in these countries do not typically have direct access to clean water within their communities. This means women spend hours a day walking to a stream or river, collecting water, and carrying the water back on their heads.




Can you imagine what life would be like for these women and their communities if they had direct access to clean drinking water? Everyone in the community would benefit. Children and adults alike would be healthier and would have a lower risk of catching water-borne illnesses. This would help everyone absorb nutrients better, creating a stronger community. Women would have hours of their day back, meaning they would have time to learn and grow their own business through Convoy of Hope's micro-finance initiatives. This would not only empower the women, it would allow women to support their children by being able to pay for food and school fees, enabling children to remain in school longer, and would ultimately bring economic help to the whole community.




Fort Myers Chi Alpha's goal is to raise $40,000 to fully finance 3 drinking wells in 3 different communities in this region of Africa. Each well costs just over $13,000. Would you help us fulfill this goal and bring life to communities in the Sahel region?

Join the Fight

Join the fight against


How we're raising money

Fort Myers Chi Alpha is raising money to build clean water wells in the Sahel region of Africa through a fundraising tournament called "War for Water" beginning November 1 and ending November 30. Teams of 5-10 students throughout FGCU's student, staff, and faculty body will compete against each other to raise the most money towards our wells initiative. Teams can raise money through 3 types of events, or can raise money on their own! The events include Bootcamp Battle: an extreme competition of strength and wit, War Rooms: 9 ambitious and motivating fundraising call centers, and Fight for the Flag: an intense capture the flag tournament. Bootcamp Battle and Fight for the Flag each costs $100 per team to enter. 100% of the entrance fees goes towards our wells initiative. The teams who win each of these events get to count 100% of the total entrance fees towards their team's total fundraising score. War Rooms are free to enter and will give you service learning hours, but are first come first serve. 100% of the money you raise in the War Rooms will goes towards your team's and your individual fundraising score. The team that raises the most money will win a $500 Ruth's Chris dinner. The individual who raises the most money will win a $300 Target gift card.

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Earn Service Learning Hours

Earn FGCU-Approved

service learning hours

Earn FGCU-approved service learning hours by registering your team for the entire War for Water competition and participating in the War Room events. Don't want to participate in everything and just want to earn service learning hours? No problem! Just sign up to participate in any chunk of time during the War Room Blitz day on November 9 from 10-3! War Room Blitz is an extended War Room where you will be trained in how to make fundraising calls to raise money for the wells, and then you will make calls!


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